Quarterback Red Wine

Teamwork is the inspiration for this blend, all working and pulling together to achieve what is necessary to become a winner. The four mainstays of McLaren Vale meld together to form this unbeatable team. Celebrate when your team has achieved that triumphant win, as a reminder of what can be realised with teamwork.

2014 Quarterback
Cabernet Sauvignon 30%, Shiraz 27%,
Grenache 23%, Merlot 20%


Why Quarterback?

As Winemaker Tony De Lisio and his wife Krystina were sitting in LAX airport in early 2002 the Super Bowl was on TV. That’s when Tony was struck by the idea to make a wine for all of the passionate football fans.

Tony loves to blend, and so he knew right away that he would pick the best parcels of McLaren Vale fruit to create a truly unique and seamless wine. McLaren Vale’s Mediterranean climate provides the perfect growing conditions for Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Grenache, and the combinations of sandstone, quartzite and limestone soils offer a unique representation of the region’s diverse terroir.

While the percentages of the blend change from year to year, the signature thumbprint of the Quarterback is painstakingly preserved; a wine where all four varietals work and pull together, bringing their strengths to the team to achieve what is necessary to become a winner.


2014 Quarterback Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon

Leading the way in the 2014 vintage, Cabernet Sauvignon is our Quarterback’s powerful pumping legs. Carrying the wine forward with rich, tart black fruits and strong, natural leather Cabernet Sauvignon allows our Quarterback to stand up to time in oak where it develops the fitness and structure to support it through over 10 years in bottle if you choose to cellar your wine.


Following closely behind is the Shiraz as our Quarterback’s valuable arm, showing the strength that can be found in McLaren Vale Shiraz. The strength of McLaren Vale Shiraz is an inherent gift from the unique combination of the warm climate, the diverse soils and tempering sea and gully breezes, much like the perfect release of a Quarterback on the field is said to be an inherent skill.


The Grenache is the power you can’t see, but is equally valuable, our Quarterback’s sharp mind. Just as a Quarterback on the field draws on any of the hundreds of memorised plays, Grenache is a lighter colour and subtler flavour that can come into its own with careful handling. Look for the complex manoeuvres of Grenache in our Quarterback and you’ll see it directing the smooth and delicate tannins, and tempering the bold fruits with deep caramel and an unexpected refresh of mint and Eucalyptus.


Merlot is a highly adaptable variety, lifting and softening more powerful varieties for added complexity. Just as a Quarterback needs the ability to adapt and read the field, Merlot is adding its touch of spice for one last run at knocking you over with flavour. The subtle bite of tobacco, and the anise on its finish show why our Quarterback is more than the sum of its parts. Achieving balance and knowing when to pull back or push forward allows you to find a plummy, jammy finish and rich earthy tannins you didn’t see coming.

Praise for the Quarterback

When Quarterback John Elway put in an order for his four Colorado restaurants, we created a special run of 2004 Quarterback Second Half which Mr Elway added to the wine lists.

For John Elway’s 50th birthday celebrations in 2010 we sent over a pallet of 2007 Quarterback for the party, in honour of ‘Number 07’.

Robert Parker Jnr, Wine Advocate:

2009 Quarterback, 89 points
2007 Quarterback, 90 points
2006 Quarterback, 90-92 points
2005 Quarterback, 90-92 points
2004 Quarterback, 91+ points

Vivino, the world’s largest wine app:

Quarterback Red Wine rated in the top 9% of Australian wines, the top 15% of McLaren Vale wines, and the top 11% of world wines.