Label Art Dinner: Wines and Welcome


Thank you to everyone who joined our Label Art Dinner last night, we hope you enjoyed the evening, and your six bottles of the newly named ‘Sensuale’ Sangiovese Merlot will be on their way to you soon. For those of you who weren’t there – this is just some of what you missed below!

Welcome, Creative Department!

That’s you! Tonight you’re joining the De Lisio Wines team as our Creative Department, to critique, criticise, challenge and create a new character in our story. Of course, you’re also welcome to sit back and enjoy the show, the art, the food and the wine!

At De Lisio Wines we think one of the most exciting parts of a wine’s journey is its label design. We knew the wine, back when it was just a twinkle in the vineyard manager’s eye. Now, after all the hard work to subtly guide it to be ready to enjoy, it’s time to crystallise the wine’s personality into a character.

Tonight you don’t need to worry about the intricacies of sizes, spacing, colours or compliance. Think rustic and raw, think a butcher’s paper sketch pad—draw out your most striking and organic ideas.

Our label artist John Draper has bravely agreed to create another character with you tonight, after bringing to life Briar Tuck at 12 Paces at our 2015 Label Art Dinner. We hope you have as much fun working with John as we do.

The stories of our wines and labels develop from some of the most unlikely places. The ‘Quarterback’ concept was dreamt up in an airport, the ‘Honeypot’ was originally a seductive addition to the ‘Covert’ range, and is now a sweet favourite catching the eye of the boys and the girls. While the ‘Covert’ itself started as a spirited discussion between father and son.

The wine we’re labelling tonight is a Sangiovese Merlot blend, and our winemaker Tony De Lisio has a special passion for blending:

“Blending allows me to create a style reflecting what De Lisio Wines is all about, delivering a wine with texture and structure, richness, weight and length and most of all, the genuine complexity that can be best achieved by blending the best. I always say you can buy the colour green but it is far more artistic to blend yellow and blue to create your own shade of green.”

So have a taste of our new release, discuss it with the people around you and think about the story it’s telling you.

Cheers, from De Lisio Wines


Label Art Dinner Wine List

CMC Sparkling NV Chardonnay Pinot Noir
Softly textured with good fruit weight, finishing medium dry with crisp acidity

‘Honeypot’ Sparkling Moscato
Tasting of passionfruit, meringue and melon, not just another Moscato

‘Argento’ 2014 Pinot Grigio
Bouquet of honeysuckle, honeydew melon and ripe pear with light lemon citrus

‘Argento’ 2013 Cabernet Merlot
A perfect partnership offering flavours laced with black cherries and mulberries

‘Cleanskin’ 2015 Sangiovese Merlot
A seamless blend of light floral and aromatic Sangiovese with a hint of the sensual dark side of the Merlot

‘Quarterback’ 2010 Red Blend
Shiraz, Cabernet, Merlot and Grenache working together as an unbeatable team

‘Quarterback’ 2013 Red Blend
The signature ‘Quarterback’ flavours in a fruit-driven new release vintage

‘The Covert’ 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon
Rich in black cherry and mocha with a fragrance of earthy briary tones and a hint of cedar

‘The Covert’ 2010 Shiraz
Bulging with mocha and chocolate, melded with rich fruits, dark berries and earthy spices

‘Catalyst’ 2013 Shiraz Grenache
The intention of this wine is to engage debate and opinion; ignite your drinking pleasure

‘Krystina’ 2012 Shiraz
A velvet mouth-feel allows you to experience spice box, pepper and blueberry flavours