At De Lisio Wines we pride ourselves on offering premium wines with personality. Our wines are complex and elegantly made using traditional methods and the individual adjustments you can only find in a truly boutique winery. That’s why we love sharing our story with you personally at tastings and events, and we’re so excited to be doing that in New York City this May!

Thanks to the Beverage Trade Network, over 2,000 importers, distributors, restaurateurs, sommeliers and media will be tasting through the beer, wine and spirits from producers from over 22 countries. On May 16 and 17 we’ll be at the Metropolitan Pavilion showcasing our most popular labels and new releases, and sharing the stories of our wines.

Tickets are now on sale, so we hope to see you there.

This was the second year we’ve been a part of the Cellar Door Fest at the Adelaide Convention Centre and we had a blast once again. The three day festival brought over 10,000 wine lovers from across South Australia and even international visitors, and we loved sharing our story with all of them.

On show across the weekend were the ever-popular ‘Honeypot’ Moscato, and the distinctive ‘Argento’ Pinot Grigio. Our new release of the ‘La Puttanesca’ Sangiovese Merlot was a popular choice as our guests imagined sitting down with a glass next to their favourite pasta dish. After a big order from one of our favourite clients in Denmark, the ‘Quarterback’ wasn’t available at the 2016 festival, but made up for that this year. One of the standouts for most popular wine, the branding draws in even Aussies who are following American Football more and more, while the seamless complexity of the blend keeps them hooked!

The 2010 ‘Coverts’ are drinking beautifully at the moment and were excellent examples of the straight varietals which have made McLaren Vale world-famous. Keep looking over your shoulder as there’s a 2014 release of ‘The Covert’ coming soon.

Grenache is still a very polarising variety, and has such huge variances between price points and winemakers. This is one of the reasons our Shiraz Grenache blend is called ‘Catalyst’ because we want it to ignite the debate around this intriguing and often misunderstood variety, as well as allow you to experience the best of wine blending. From our premium range the 2013 ‘Catalyst’ is an investment that will reward you in just a few years with a highly developed wine.

Speaking of Grenache, Assistant Winemaker Anthony De Lisio also snuck a few bottles of our yet to be released 2016 Grenache out of the winery for the weekend. If you’re a fan of Grenache you’re going to want to know when this one’s released, so make sure you’re part of our Wine Club.

One of the other reasons we visit Cellar Door Fest is to see what everyone else has been up to of course. It’s always a pleasure to be able to meet and share experiences with other producers, and take home just a taste of the best SA has to offer!